Four Reasons Why the Academic Program at a Child Care Center Matters

When you begin researching different child care centers that you could take your child to each day, you may notice that some schools stress academics and others do not. In fact, some are more akin to daily babysitting than a school-like environment. Some parents are inclined to choose the latter type of environment because they want to keep children young and carefree for as long as possible. They may believe that there is plenty of time for academics once they are enrolled in elementary school. However, there are several reasons why the academic program at your child care center matters and why you should look for a school with a strong educational program.

1. Preparation for Kindergarten

Many parents take considerable steps to prepare their children for kindergarten, such as by teaching them how to read and how to do basic arithmetic before elementary school. This includes children who stay at home with their parents each day. When your child does not have this same level of preparation, he or she may actually be behind once they enroll in elementary school.

2. Familiarity With a Classroom Environment

While child care Ottawa centers may have plenty of free time for children to play freely, they also may have at least a portion of their schedule each day structured in a manner similar to a kindergarten class environment. This can get your child accustomed to sitting still, working independently and following instructions. This can bolster your child's confidence level once he or she is enrolled in elementary school.

3. One Step Ahead

Some early education programs at preschools are so rigorous that they can actually place your child ahead of the pack. While you do not want your child to be behind on day one in elementary school, you may want to give your child an additional edge. This can help your child to feel more confident at a very early stage in school, and it may help your child to qualify for some of the advanced academic programs offered by elementary schools.

4. The Social Aspect

There is a social element associated with being enrolled in school. Children must be able to get along well with other students, and they must also know how to be respectful to their teachers. The classroom environment of an academic-based program can help your child to develop valuable social skills.

While you may not think that an academic program at a child care center is important, you can see that it offers several valuable benefits that can be instrumental for your child’s success in elementary school. In fact, this experience can set the stage for an excellent educational experience throughout his or her early years.